This is me--Judith, 24 yrs old, raised in Skokie, Illinois. I draw and paint and print and build and think and touch and feel. Currently, I am located in Kingston, New York as a studio intern at the Women's Studio Workshop.

My practice is characterized by a process of gathering and accumulating—physical objects, textures, curiosities, etc. Up until now I've used printmaking to build dimensional layers in site specific works as a means of implying permeability and to disrupt visual patterns of seeing and understanding. 

I've been recently uncovering that my infatuation with natural textures and capturing movement is embedded in my curiosities towards growth, evolution, adaptation, and the politics of being a body (self and collective) in motion.  


At this moment I am enamored by the phenomena of ocean currents. Seeing diagrams and realizing patterns of a seemingly terrifying mystical force that is also full of structure, pattern, and deep wisdom. I've been relating the movement of oceans to my patterns of growth and recognition-- perceiving of myself as an ever transforming entity while coming across the same self over and over again. 


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Grinnell College
Questbridge Scholar
2020- B.A. in Studio Art w/ Honors


Massive and Weightless (solo show)
2018- Smith Gallery
Grinnell, IA

Emerging Artist Exhibition (group show)
2019- Fowler-Kellogg Art Center
Chautauqua, NY

Bachelor of Arts Exhibition (group show)
2019- Grinnell College Museum of Art
Grinnell, IA


Powerhouse Arts (fka BRT Printshop)
2018- Production Intern
Brooklyn, NY

Chautauqua School of Art
2019- Resident Artist
Chautauqua, NY

Beaches Habitat for Humanity
2020-2021- Construction Crew Leader: Americorps
Atlantic Beach, FL

Women's Studio Workshop
Current- Studio Intern
Kingston, NY