2019 - ONGOING

IN COLLABORATION WITH BOJANA CRNOMARKOVIC: An exploration of possible futures that witness transformation in perceptions of gender, beauty, sexuality, and the expected realities of human-centered bodies.

Current project building on concepts built from a collaborative piece between Crnomarkovic and Tong, May 2019. 

Video projected on to suspended clothing in a domestic scene.

Grinnell College Spring Drag Show 2019, performed with Anh Thu Pham, Nai'ya Willis-Hogan, Charlotte Richardson-Deppe, and Esther Hwang. 

"My performance is a manifestation of gender performance as symbols, objects, and as maneuverable identities. The performance begins with the victorious celebration of filthy femininity; between different performers we will be accessing different pieces of our own masculinities in the forms of phallic objects and their interaction between my female-sexed body while embodying hyper-masculinities. In the final act, Anh Thu will embody an anthropomorphic Medusa royalty; she will have a giant snake dick. Judith will be fuck boy eye candy great Sampson, with his life enslaved to Medusa. Using traditionally masculinized objects such as a snake as dick, a cucumber, and the knife of a warrior, the three objects will be pitted agianst one another. So that each embodiment of our own masculinities will be made subservient and demolished. There will be hair-pulling, moaning, choking, chopping, and humiliation."